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Last Updated: Tuesday May 05 2009 15:39 GMT

Teachers need lessons on asthma

Ricky looks into asthma in schools

Kids with asthma are missing out on sport and activities because schools and teachers can't cope with them.

That's what one asthma charity found after it spoke to lots of children who have problems with the condition.

The study found that three in four teachers didn't know what to do if one of their pupils had an attack.

Now the charity wants teachers to learn more about how to cope with asthma, so their pupils won't miss out so much on what their classmates are doing.

Asthma's doctors top tips

More than a million children in the UK have asthma, and many of them are able to keep it under control using inhalers.

But Asthma UK's study found that in some cases schools have stopped kids from carrying around their inhalers.

Instead, the school looks after them to keep them safe, and the children can use them when they need to.

Doctors say sufferers should always have them nearby.

The study, to mark World Asthma Day, found that half of the children asked said they had problems joining in with lessons and going on trips.

The charity wants a number of improvements:

• More school nurses

• Better guidelines in schools for helping kids with asthma

• All schools should have an asthma policy in place

A spokesperson for the charity said: "There is no need to wrap children up in cotton wool but it is every school's responsibility to ensure that teachers have the knowledge and resources to protect and support the children in their care."