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Last Updated: Friday May 08 2009 04:47 GMT

Should cigarettes be put out of sight?

Cigarettes on display in a shop

Charity Cancer Research has found out that two out of three kids want cigarettes to be put out of sight in shops.

It reckons that moving tobacco products away from the tills will make people - especially children - less likely to buy them

So what do you think?

Will hiding cigarettes make a difference? Or do you think just as many people would still buy them?

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Your comments

"Yes, hiding cigarettes will make a positive difference and as it won't encourage young people to smoke as much as might have when they're on display."

Amy, 12, Bournemouth, England

"Yes, they should be put out of sight because children will get the idea that smoking is cool."

Sara, 12, Birmingham, England

"I think cigarettes should be put out of sight as it could stop first time smokers from buying them because they can't see them."

Nini, 12, Scotland

"If smoking is so bad, then why don't the government stop allowing tobacco into our country. I understand that they can't stop people from smuggling it in - but they can at least make an effort? And also, the government knows that it kills so many people, why sell them? And putting them out of sight, won't exactly do a lot because people will still buy them."

Bethany, 14, Southampton, England

"Definitely - there is nothing good about cigarettes so why should they still be available to people?"

Hattie, 12, London, England

"I have asthma so whenever I walk past people who smoke I have to hold my breath because if I breath in any smoke it makes me ill! I think they should be BANNED! It's not good for anyone's health!"

Katie, 11, Greater Manchester, England

"Why should they be hidden - it is a legal product! I hope they won't start hiding all the chocolate, sweets and fatty crisps that newsagents also sell!"

Leon, 12, Essex, England

"Yes, I think cigarettes should be put out of sight so people would forget about them. I also think they should be out of sight as they damage peoples' health!!!"

Sumithra, 11, London, England

"I think it is a good idea as it'll make it harder for under-age smokers to get them and the older smokers might be embarrassed by having to ask."

Harriet, 14, Isle of Wight, England

"They should still be available to those who are addicted to cigarettes. But I think that they should be removed, and stay out of sight!! Those who need cigarettes should go and ask the shopkeeper and they'll be given them! I do think that this method will put smoking out of the youngster's mind - but then again there will still be people around them that smoke!!"

Faeqa, 11, London, England

"Last year, I met our local MP for Milton Keynes. I gave him a letter regarding banning cigarettes, which he gave to Gordon Brown. I then got a letter from parliament saying that they can't do it as people have the choice to smoke. This whole letter business was all part of a project about smoking. It would be good if they could ban cigarettes, but somehow I think they will be here to stay."

Chloe, 11, Milton Keynes, England

"Putting them out of sight is a good idea. The temptation is always staring people in the face, but if they were put out of sight maybe people wouldn't be so tempted. A better idea is to ban them because they put everyone else's health at risk as well as stinking the place out."

Lizzie, 13, England

"No, I don't think they should be out of sight. They don't harm anyone if they see them in the shops. Mostly they're just on the shelves to show how much they cost."

Olivia-Kate, 13, Cambridgeshire, England

"I think they should be out of sight because it damages peoples' health from smoking or second-hand smoking."

Madison, 13, Wales

"Smoking kills, so banning it altogether could be such an improvement to the environment and the society we live in today. It could also stop break-ins, as cigarettes are one of the most valuable items. But just removing them from the eye is an improvement, I guess."

Elisa, 13, Northumberland, England

"I think cigarettes should just be banned altogether. I think they are horrible because they damage your health and cost lots of money. I think the government should do more to stop smoking, like putting the price up and making it harder for people to buy them."

Jasmine, 13, UK

"I think cigarettes should be put out of sight because it would be less tempting for people to buy them than when they can see them."

Charlotte, 11, Oxfordshire, England

"I'm not sure if this idea is a good one because people should be able to see what's around them and become educated about the problems with smoking, rather than hiding cigarettes out of sight."

Rachel, 13, Manchester, England

"I want cigarettes out of adults' reach so they can never have another cigarette again. I don't know why people like to have them, it isn't like they do your body any good. I want them out of the shops so people can't touch them at all."

Abigail, 9, West Midlands, England

"Yes they should, because children can see them, they are often illuminated to make them look more inviting."

Braeburn School, 10-11, North Yorkshire, England

"I think cigarettes should be put out of sight because my mummy smokes and it stinks. Our car smells like a rotten ashtray."

Caoimhe, 10, Northern Ireland

"It's a brilliant idea to put cigarettes out of sight, and I think it could definitely reduce the amount of people smoking."

Jasmine, 11, London, England

"I think they should ban them everywhere! They stink and they damage everyone else's health as well as your own!"

Laura, 13, England

"I think cigarettes should be put out of sight to avoid break-ins. This happened at my local newsagent and they took all the cigarette packets."

Lucy, 11, West Lothian, Scotland

"I think they should be kept out of your sight because if you can see them in shops that might persuade people to buy them."

Sophie, 10, West Yorkshire, England

"I think tobacco products should be banned altogether because even if you have to live with someone who smokes that's bad - because you're inhaling all the smoke!"

Ilham, 10, London, England

"I think they should be put out of sight because loads of people in my school smoke and if cigarettes are in sight they will encourage more people to smoke!"

Marnie, 12, England

"If they put crisps out of sight, would you stop eating them? No. If they put CDs out of sight, would you stop listening to them? No. See my point? It won't make ANY difference at all. Everyone knows what cigarettes are."

Niamh, 12, Sussex, England

"I kind of agree, but I mean if people choose to smoke then it's their choice - no one else's."

Skye, 12, Nottingham, England

"I think that cigarettes should NOT be put on display. Also, if the NHS wants people to stop smoking, then why do shops sell them?"

Jane, 12, London, England

"Smoking kills - so I think they should stop selling them."

James, 9, Lancaster, England

"Smoking displays should not be allowed in any shop/supermarket, because it encourages young adults to start smoking."

Alice, 11, Hampshire, England

"Yes, I think they should be put away because it is encouraging people."

Isabelle, 7, Stockport, England

"I don't think cigarettes should be hidden or banned. It will only make it seem more cool and rebel-like for teenagers. Really, it is the own person's choice if they want to smoke, and it is their own fault if it causes them illness. They should take all responsibility for harm to themselves and others. Given time, smoking will fall out of fashion by common sense. Therefore, hiding cigarettes will not improve the problem, only worsen it."

Hue, 14, North Yorkshire, England

"I think it will help, because if people can't see them then they won't be reminded of them and will be less addicted to them."

Alex, 11, London, England

"Yes, they should be removed. I believe this is the right option because people who are browsing in the shop and see a counter displaying cigarettes might be tempted to try it, and it will severely damage their health."

Darryl, 11, Northern Ireland

"I think they should be increased in price or taken off the shelves."

Toby, 14, London, England

"I don't like cigarettes being on display because it's like advertising them to kids. Also, taking them of the shelf might stop people from starting smoking, because if someone wants to try something new and can't find the cigarettes then they won't bother with them."

Heidi, 13, Brighton, England

"Tobacco is expensive and addictive. It should be illegal."

Ella, 11, Surrey, England

"I think cigarettes should be banned because smoking can lead to cancer!!"

Shabaz, 11, Manchester, England

"I want to ban smoking full stop! It causes way too many deaths and it upsets not only your own life but others around you as well. I know what other kids feel like as my Dad used to smoke."

Anna, 12, Huddersfield, England

"It would be great to ban cigarettes in shops, but the unfortunate truth is that the Government are so greedy that they won't stop it because of the tax that they collect from selling cigarettes. Just like gambling in casinos."

George, 11, Essex, England

"I think that cigarettes should be put out of sight. But, at the end of the day, it isn't our fault that people smoke so I'm quite angry that we (non-smokers) have to sort this out."

Hinna, 12, Surrey, England

"I think smoking should be banned. I don't even know why people do smoke, it just damages them. Whenever I see someone smoking I hold my breath. It's disgusting! Stop selling them in shops!"

Rubie, 11, Watford, England

"They should most definitely, without doubt, be put away out of sight. If it were up to me I'd stop all tobacco being sold and produced at all. Smoking makes my eyes sting and water so I hate being around people while they're smoking. If there were even more smokers it would be even worse."

Eve, 10, Cheshire, England

"If cigarettes are put out of sight there will be less temptation for young people to buy them. Also it may reduce crime in that they could not easily be grabbed across the counter."

Amy, 11, England

"I think cigarettes should be put out of sight because they're risking your life."

Yasemin, 9, West Yorkshire, England

"I don't think cigarettes should be put out of sight because then you can't see the prices."

Emily, 12, Manchester, England

"Yes, I agree."

Megan, 8, London, England

"Yes they should, having them on display all the time will just encourage people to buy them!"

Megan, 12, England

"I think cigarettes should be put out of sight in shops. I also think that smoking should be illegal!"

Greg, 9, Germany

"I think putting cigarettes out of sight won't make a difference to whether people buy them or not. People who are old enough to buy them are old enough to smoke anyway and they will still know that the shops sell them."

Gina, 14, Gloucestershire, England

"I don't think that cigarettes should be sold at all."

Helen, 10, Wales

"I agree because I hate it and every time I'm walking along the streets there is someone smoking and I have to hold nose because it is so smelly and yucky! People don't listen whenever they are told it damages your health and that really annoys me!"

Rebecca, 12, Northern Ireland

"I think they should be put out of sight in shops. I don't like it when people smoke around kids, I always hold my breath when I walk past smokers."

Aisling, 11, Ireland

"You always see a huge display of tobacco, lighters and cigarettes behind the counter when you walk into a shop. It should be stopped, as it is making smoking look good."

Richard, 10, Kent, England

"Yes, I think it is a fantastic idea to put cigarettes out of the sight of children and it's good for the environment."

Hira, 12, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think they should be taken out of sight because if a teenager sees a packet of cigarettes on the shelf then they might think 'I'm going to try a cigarette'!"

Olivia, 10, Dudley, England

"Yes because if they are out of sight then people will think the shop doesn't sell them and won't buy them!"

Mollie, 10, Liverpool, England

"Yes, because too many people buy them and they're bad for your health."

Aoibh, 9, Ireland

"They should be made illegal."

Hannah, 11, England

"I think cigarettes should be taken off the shelves because the packets says 'Smoking Kills' but nobody pays attention to them."

Megan, 11, Lanarkshire, Scotland

"Cigarettes should be put out of sight."

Zoe, 12, Manchester, England

"I think cigarettes should stop being produced because when you're out if someone is smoking and you accidently breathe it in, then it is really unpleasant."

Calan, 9, Derbyshire, England

"Yes, they should be put out of sight because if they are then people might not start smoking."

Alexander, 11, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"I think that cigarettes should be out of sight because children won't be encouraged to buy them as much."

Rio, 10, Manchester, England

"Cigarettes should definitely be put out of sight but I still think that kids would want to buy them!"

Emily, 14, London, England

"I think if they move tobacco products it will make most people stop buying them. Cigarettes reek so who would want to buy them anyway!?"

Mary-Anne, 11, Yorkshire, England

"The smell and sight of cigarettes makes me feel sick. Hiding cigarette packets in shops might lower the number of people buying them."

Suzanne, 13, Herts, England

"Tobacco should be banned all together. Or you should have a book where you mark how many packets you buy, so you can only buy one pack a week."

Jackie, 13, Staffordshire, England

"Cigarettes should be definitely be put out of sight if it stops kids under the age limit or adults from smoking."

Louise, 10, Warwickshire, England

"Yes, I think cigarettes should be put out of sight because it will encourage teenagers and other smokers to quit smoking or they won't smoke as often."

Zarah, 12, Nottingham, England

"I think that cigarettes should be completely banned. You should not be allowed to use them around children!"

Will, 12, Gloucester, England

"I think smoking should be banned because it doesn't smell very nice and it is harmful to our bodies."

Jessica, 14, England

"My Aunt smokes and it makes me sad. It doesn't just hurt her but also others! They should be put out sight!!"

Alicia, 9, New York, USA

"Of course they should be put out of sight they are disgusting. They should be banned altogether!"

Lara, 12, Surrey, England

"Yeah they should be out of sight because they stink and they make towns and cities look horrible."

Rachel, 9, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

"What a question! Of course - they should be put in a cell and never see daylight! They are foul things and make the air smell like mouldy cheese!"

Anisah, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I think cigarettes should be put out of sight because people still smoke them even though they can kill you."

Bob, 11, London, England

"Yes they should because they give out disgusting smoke and it could bother people with asthma."

Izzy, 11, Hertfordshire, England

"My father used to smoke until he had a heart attack and since then he has stopped smoking. I think that cigarettes should be out of sight because it will stop young people from buying cigarettes. Also it will stop parents from buying them too, so then their kids won't have to suffer from second-hand smoke."

Carys, 13, Wales

"Of course they should be out of sight, they make everywhere stink!"

Adam, 10, Solihull, England

"I really don't like the smell of cigarettes as it makes me feel really sick. Children whose parents smoke shouldn't have to live with it. It's not fair on us or the environment."

Krishna, 10, London, England

"I think tobacco products should be banned altogether."

Milly, 13, Manchester, England