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Last Updated: Saturday May 02 2009 10:51 GMT

Crafty cat's stolen socks stash

Henry the cat chewing on one of his socks

A cat with a passion for socks has got his owners in a spin as they don't know where he's getting them from.

Henry the cat has got his paws on at least 57 socks near his Loughborough home, but no-one knows if he's taking them from washing lines or houses.

He's often spotted relaxing on walls near his home with a sock in his mouth.

But his owners are so desperate to make amends for Henry's crimes, they're now leafleting their neighbours to try to pair them up with their missing socks.

Owner Louise Brandon said people must be replacing their footwear as Henry always seems to pick up the latest designs.

"There just seems to be this endless supply of neighbourhood socks coming in and we don't know where they're coming from," she said. "It's a bit embarrassing."

Louise's daughter, four-year-old daughter Eloise, added: "He steals socks every day."