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Last Updated: Friday May 01 2009 15:32 GMT

Is it game over for Southampton?

Fans invaded the pitch after Southampton's relegation was confirmed with a 2-2 draw against Burnley

Southampton footie fans have had a hard time lately - first their Championship side was relegated and now it looks as if things are about to get even worse.

Last weekend, a 2-2 draw with Burnley saw the Saints booted down to League One, the lowest division they've played in for almost 50 years.

Furious fans stormed the pitch, but not just because of players' poor form.

The Saints have run out of money and if a new owner can't be found by Monday, it looks like game over for the club.

And even if a new owner does come forward, Southampton face starting the new season 10 points behind their League One rivals as a punishment for running out of cash.

Saints fan Matthew
Saints fan Matthew says he couldn't support another club

Nine-year-old Saints fan Matthew says he'll be gutted if the club shuts down.

"It's not the players fault, it's not the fans' fault, it's just we're suffering from it," he said.

"If they went bust I couldn't support another team. Southampton are in my blood."

Financial experts have been called in to try to sort out the mess, but fans have also being doing their bit - raising more than £100,000 to help pay the players' wages!

Some of the players are refusing to take a penny until the club's sorted itself out, and sports journalist Simon Carter reckons they've still got a chance of surviving.

"People around the club are fairly confident a buyer will be found," he said.

"I can't believe there's nobody out there with enough money who'd want to come and buy a club like Southampton. It's a great purchase."