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Last Updated: Friday May 01 2009 09:23 GMT

Boys and girls share school loos

The new shared school loos

Pupils start sharing school loos

Boys and girls share the same loos at a school in Burnley in the North West of England as part of a plan to reduce bullying.

Adam went to investigate.

"They definitely don't look like normal school toilets - especially because the signs show the symbols for boys AND girls.

Adam washes his hands
Adam washes his hands

The loos in Shuttleworth College's new building open out into a corridor instead of being tucked away somewhere quiet.

Round the outside are the toilet cubicles. Boys on the right-hand side, girls on the left.

In the middle of the room are two shiny, giant washbasins that several people can use at the same time.

It's been designed this way to cut down on bullying.

Beating bullies

Because they're so open-plan and because boys and girls have to share, there are no out-of-the-way places where people can be picked on.

One of the pupils

Are pupils in favour of sharing school loos?

The headteacher says there hasn't been a single case of bullying in the new loos.

I tried them out for myself. They were definitely clean and felt much more open than than toilets at my old school.

But it is quite weird washing your hands next to girls.

And the only downside? The handwash dispensers are fairly powerful and so it's quite easy to fire soap across the room - by accident or on purpose!"