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Last Updated: Thursday April 30 2009 13:19 GMT

Runner Usain Bolt in car crash

Usain Bolt after winning the men's 100m final

Usain Bolt, who broke three world records at the Olympics, has been involved in a car accident in his home country, Jamaica.

Police say Usain was taken to hospital with a female who was also in the car, but neither is seriously hurt.

The star's manager, Norman Peart, said Bolt suffered nothing worse than scratches from thorn bushes when he got out of the car.

"We are very relieved he's OK. Everybody is fine," said Peart.

The 22-year-old won male athlete of the year in November after his amazing success in Beijing.

Norman Peart said a decision would be made soon as to whether to stick to Bolt's competition schedule.

The super-fast sprinter is due to race on Saturday in Jamaica and is set to run a 150m street race in Manchester on 17 May.