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Last Updated: Thursday April 30 2009 11:18 GMT

Hopes for red squirrel survival

Red squirrel kittens to help species

A plan to stop red squirrels dying out in the UK has seen some new arrivals born at a wildlife park in Kent.

There used to be loads of red squirrels living in the UK, but now there are only 160,000 of the creatures left.

The baby squirrels, called kittens, have been born at Wildwood Park and will be taken to live in Anglesey in Wales when they are older.

Red squirrels are making a comeback on Anglesey, as people are taking special care to look after them there.

The main problem for the survival of red squirrels are the bigger grey ones that are now much more common in the UK.

A baby red squirrel

They were brought here from America in the 19th century and have taken over the places the red squirrels like to live in.

The grey ones battle the red ones for food and carry a disease called squirrelpox that only kills red squirrels.

Red squirrels now live in small areas here and there, either on islands like the Isle of Wight of in the north of England - mainly in Northumberland and Cumbria - and Scotland.