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Last Updated: Wednesday April 29 2009 15:11 GMT

Kids' cereals are 'full of sugar'

Cereal bowl

A new report says many breakfast cereals aimed at children contain as much sugar as a bowl of chocolate fudge ice-cream or a chocolate bar.

Researchers tested 100 cereals and one in three of them contained more than FOUR teaspoons of sugar.

Even brands that look like they are really healthy contained high levels of sugar and salt.

Morrison's Choco Cracklets were the worst offenders, with more sugar per serving than a Cadbury's Flake!

And Kellog's Coco Pops Moon and Stars, Frosties and Ricicles did little to bowl over the researchers.

They all came close to the top of the list of most sugary cereals, with tests showing them to be over one third pure sugar.

A spokesperson for Which? - the organisation behind the research - said: "Breakfast is important and some cereals deserve their healthy image, but most simply don't."

"It's especially shocking that those targeted at children are less healthy."

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