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Last Updated: Wednesday April 29 2009 11:53 GMT

Hamilton escapes extra punishment

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton WILL drive in the next Grand Prix after his F1 team weren't punished as badly as people thought they would be for breaking rules.

Hamilton and his McLaren team were in trouble with the sport's bosses after the Australian Grand Prix in March.

They admitted misleading stewards about an incident in the race, and Hamilton had his points taken away afterwards.

McLaren have been told if they break similar rules again they will banned from competing in three races.

There had been some reports that McLaren would be given a massive fine, or that Hamilton would have been barred from some races.

F1 standings after four races
Jenson Button
Jenson Button - Brawn - 31 points
Rubens Barrichello - Brawn - 19
Sebastian Vettell - Red Bull - 18
Jarno Trulli - Toyota - 14.5
Timo Glock - Toyota - 12

That's not going to happen, allowing Hamilton and McLaren to continue their preparations for the next Grand Prix, in Barcelona, Spain on 10 May.

A special hearing took place on Wednesday, at which McLaren admitted breaking five Formula One rules.

Because McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh said his team had broken the rules, they weren't punished as severely as they could have been.

Lied to officials

The incident happened towards the end of the first race of the season in Melbourne, Australia where Hamilton finished fourth, behind Jarno Trulli.

McLaren complained Trulli had overtaken Hamilton when he wasn't allowed to and F1 bosses agreed. Then new information proved Hamilton and his team had lied to F1 officials and they were disqualified.