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Last Updated: Tuesday April 28 2009 15:32 GMT

Swine flu has shut my school


Press Packer Eliott, eight, lives in Mexico City, where his school has been shut because of swine flu.

He and his mum are having to stay in doors most of the time to avoid people with the virus. Here's his story...

"I live in Mexico City where there has been an outbreak of swine flu.

It's very dangerous and is spreading really quickly, so every school in Mexico City had to be closed and possibly soon every school in the country will be closed.

The flu started in Mexico City itself, and scientists say that maybe the flu has been in Mexico for a lot longer than we thought, so it's got stronger and has started spreading.

Eliott on his balcony looking over Mexico City
Eliott on his balcony looking over Mexico City

It spreads from person to person so when people come here to visit, they catch it, and when they go back to their homes, they spread it.

Card games

We've been told to stay in the house all day.

My mother and I stay at home and try to keep ourselves healthy by getting good rest, eating healthy food and washing our hands a lot.

Hopefully this way we wont be able to catch the virus.

I think a friend of mine has been told they have swine flu so I hope they will be OK.

All we do is play games, and sometimes at night when people are in bed we go down to the beach to get some fresh air.

I've never been in a situation like this, so it's kind of weird."

Eliott, eight, Mexico City, Mexico

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