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Last Updated: Tuesday April 28 2009 14:28 GMT

'Spaceship' lands on school field

'Spaceship' lands on school field

Kids at a Wolverhampton primary school couldn't believe their eyes when they saw what looked like a spaceship had crashed on their playing field.

Police were at the scene, but when some Year 5 pupils were allowed to examine the wreckage they got a bit suspicious.

It turned out the whole thing was a stunt to get them thinking about what's in our solar system.

And the so-called forensics experts, wearing the white coats and carrying clipboards, were in fact actors.

The wreck on the playing field
Scene of the 'crash'

The police and fire service WERE real, but they were in on the act the whole time.

Some pupils were fooled. One girl said: "I think it's an alien spaceship with little aliens in."

But another said: "It looks a bit fake."

Space-age project

The alien event kicked off the beginning of a week of space-themed maths and science problem-solving.

Teacher Elliot Hately said: "They'll be looking at where this spacecraft has come from and investigating the planets in our solar system."