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Last Updated: Tuesday April 28 2009 05:49 GMT

Ricky tries kids' new sweet designs

Ricky taste-tests some new sweets

If your mouth waters at the thought of pick and mix, lollies and chocolate, imagine what it's like living next to a traditional sweet shop.

The owner of a shop decided to let children invent a new kind of sweet and Ricky went along to try out the winning choices.

"At the end of a street in Southampton, there's a very unusual type of shop... it's a traditional sweet shop.

Inside you'll find thousands of lollies and pick and mix, but you'll also find two sweets you won't find anywhere else in the world.

When the shop opened last November, owner Patrick decided to launch a competition to get local kids to invent a new type of sweet.

The prize? Having their sweet made and then sold in the shop.

Emily and Adam with jars of their winning sweets
Emily and Adam are waiting to see whose sweets shoppers will prefer

I met up with the winners, 11-year-old Emily and her seven-year-old brother Adam, to see if their sweets could beat my own favourites - white toffee bon bons!

There's always a bit of rivalry between brothers and sisters, so I got to decide who's created the best new sweets.

In the blue corner we had Adam's blueberry explosion, and in the yellow corner, Emily's banana sherbet.

They were both pretty tasty, but Emily's sherbet just edged it for me - bad luck Adam!

But it's not just up to me - people around Southampton have also been trying out the new sweets, so now Adam and Emily and hoping for more sweet success."