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Last Updated: Saturday May 02 2009 08:23 GMT

My kitten went to a cat show

Leo in his pen

Press Packer Jessica took her kitten to his first cat show.

Here's her report:

"We've never had a pedigree cat before so when we got Leo we were very excited.

He's a red maine coon - they are long-haired cats which grow to be very big and they are very friendly. We called him Leo because he looked a bit like a lion but he also has a pedigree name, which is Loncoon Red Hot Shot.

Leo in his pen
Leo in his pen

We decided to enter him into a show because he's a good-looking cat - Zac Efron has nothing on him!

When we got to the show in Bletchley, a vet checked him over to make sure he was healthy. We were given a pen for him.

Judging time

The theme of the show was Easter Purrade and there was a competition for best decorated pen. We put lots of little eggs and bunny rabbits around - and Leo liked playing with them too!

There were seven judges in seven rings. They had come from all around the world.

Jessica and Leo
Jessica and Leo

And there were loads of cats of all sorts, even hairless ones called Sphynx, which are really strange-looking.

Leo did very well - he won first prize in his colour (red) and his division, which is mackerel tabby, in every ring. He was the only cat in those sections - but the judges didn't have to give him a prize if they didn't think he was good enough.

It was very exciting when one judge also gave him third prize in best in breed out of 11 kittens!

Tired kitten

Leo was quite relaxed and didn't seem to mind all the other cats. In between rings he napped in his pen and I got to look at all the stalls selling cat-themed stuff.

Leo asleep
Time for a catnap

There was a HUGE kerfuffle in the hall when this MASSIVE cat went beserk when he was having his photo taken and got loose. He bit his owner and she had to go to hospital.

Later we had Leo's photos taken. He was really sleepy and kept closing his eyes!

At the end of the day there was a raffle and I won a watch, which I'm really pleased with and will remind me of the fun day out we had.

I'm not sure if we'll enter him in another show but it was a really fun thing to do :-)"

Jessica, 10, St Albans, Herts

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