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Last Updated: Monday April 27 2009 10:48 GMT

Record-breaking tightrope walk

Tightrope walker

A stuntman in China has broken the world record for aerial tightrope walking with an amazing display.

Samat Hasan walked 700m across a valley whilst balancing on a wire that measured just 3cm wide!

To make the feat even more impressive and challenging, he did it at an angle of 39 degrees.

The 24-year-old had to wear special rubber shoes to make sure he had a good grip whilst walking on the wire. You wouldn't want slip off that!

Tightrope walker

Highwire walking is a traditional acrobatic art in the Xinjiang region of China where Samat comes from.

He'll probably be extra chuffed he broke the record this time as he had a go at it in October 2008 and failed.