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Last Updated: Monday April 27 2009 07:19 GMT

New gadget warns of sun danger

One of the sunbands

Maddy checks out the new sun safety gadget

Scientists have invented a clever new gadget that can warn you BEFORE you are about to get sun burnt.

It's called a sunband and it's a small yellow strip that when exposed to too much sun or light starts to go red.

Experts are planning to turn the strips into bracelets or stickers to encourage people to use them.

They will cost about 10p and 30p each, but the should NOT be used instead of sun cream. You should always put that on too.

Doctor's tips for sun safety

The experts' advice on staying safe in the sun is to always wear sun cream, cover up with a hat and stay out of the sun around midday when it's hottest.

They are hoping the new sunbands will help stop loads of people from getting dangerously pink.