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Last Updated: Friday April 24 2009 13:18 GMT

Worries over UK Grand Prix future

Lewis Hamilton wins the British Grand Prix in 2008

Formula One fans are worried that there may not be a British Grand Prix in 2010 because of a row over money.

That race is supposed to take place at a circuit called Donington Park, after years of being held at Silverstone.

The owners of Donington Park aren't organising the race themselves, another company is borrowing the track from them and paying rent to use it.

But Donington owners say they haven't been paid any rent since December 2008, and now the race could be called off.

If the two sides can't come to an agreement the British Grand Prix won't be held at Donington Park in 2010.

And the big boss of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone, has said that if the race isn't held there then there won't be British Grand Prix.

He doesn't think the facilities at Silverstone are good enough for a Formula One race, so wouldn't let the British Grand Prix return there.