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Last Updated: Friday April 24 2009 07:02 GMT

Tom Daley being bullied at school

Olympic star Tom Daley on being bullied

It's been revealed that British diving star Tom Daley is being bullied at school because of his success.

The 14-year-old is one of our youngest Olympians, a top medal hope for the 2012 Games and recently won silver at the World Series in Sheffield.

But his dad says his success is causing problems at school, where Tom says the bullying isn't "high-level", but "everyone in the school" is doing it.

The school, in Plymouth, says it's doing all it can to sort the situation.

Beating the bullies
Bullying graphic

Dad Rob kept Tom out of classes a couple of days before the Easter break so the bullies didn't affect his diving ahead of the World Series.

Now they're considering whether he should change schools.

"He should be a positive role model instead of enduring what he's had to," he said.

Tom said the bullying and name-calling started after the 2008 Beijing Olympics and had got steadily worse.

"It's not getting to me, as in the words are upsetting me, it's just the fact that I can't have a normal school life like everybody else," he said.

Tom Daley with his silver medal at the World Series in Sheffield
Tom won a silver medal at the World Series in Sheffield

"After the Olympics it went mad... everyone that you walk past has a little dig at you.

"When I was annoyed at school I started to get annoyed at diving. I'm much happier now I can concentrate on diving."

'Positive action'

His head teacher, Katrina Borowski, said Tom was a credit to the college but his high profile had led to some students behaving immaturely towards him

"All involved in his education are supporting him as best we can and immediate action was taken to address concerns raised," she said.