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Last Updated: Friday April 24 2009 05:21 GMT

Gavin meets Miley Cyrus!

Watch what happened when Gavin met Miley

It's probably not escaped your notice, but Miley Cyrus is in town for the UK premiere of her new film Hannah Montana: The Movie.

We asked you send us some questions to ask the star, and Gavin met her to get some answers.

"I was pretty excited when I got the chance to interview Miley Cyrus ahead of her brand new film coming out.

She's on buses and billboards everywhere you turn! It was dead cool to meet her in person and ask some of the questions you guys had been sending into us here at Newsround.

Miley's a bit of a mega-star around the world - loads of other camera crews came to meet her in something that's called a press junket.

Here, interviewers from lots of different broadcasters and programmes, like Newsround, each have a slot to talk to her. It's all very fun!

On the way up to see Miley I bumped into her teacher, who goes with her on tours like this around the world to keep her up to speed with schoolwork!

That was an interesting part of her life I thought... having your very own personal teacher!

Chatting to Miley was a real pleasure - she was charming and nice, and gave some good answers.

It's easy to see why she's such a big star.

There were loads of fans outside waiting for a glimpse or possibly even an autograph from Miley too. So I hope she had a pen handy for when she was done with the interviews!"