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Last Updated: Friday April 24 2009 04:42 GMT

Kids tell of plans for the future

What job do you want to do?

Boys want to be footballers when they get older and girls hope to be teachers when they start looking for jobs.

That's what you told Newsround when we asked 1,000 children across the UK about their lives.

One in five boys said they'd love to be kicking a ball around for a job, while one in seven girls wanted to be the person stood at the front of the class.

But while of those jobs may seem like fun on the surface, it's not all fun and games for either job.

Footballer Mark Noble's top tips

West Ham United footballer Mark Noble told Newsround that playing on a Saturday afternoon in front of 35,000 cheering fans can be the best thing in the world.

But the worst is when a player gets injured and is kept out of the team for a lengthy spell of time.

Long hours

Teacher Rebecca's top tips

Teacher Rebecca said the best things about her job are the things you like too - working outside, playing sport and doing gardening lessons.

But teaching can be tough at times too, as there is lots of paperwork to do, lots of marking to do, and teachers are often stuck at school working hours after the final bell has rung.

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