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Last Updated: Thursday April 23 2009 15:29 GMT

Call to celebrate St George's Day

Newsround's Adam

Adam looks into St George's Day

A group of children have been singing to try to make St George's Day a much bigger deal in England.

Around 150 of them got together at St Pancras railway station in London to perform what they think should be a new English national anthem.

Loads of people in Ireland, Scotland and Wales celebrate their patron saints days, but it's much quieter in England.

Now people are trying to make St George's Day a more important occasion in England than it is at the moment.

Some people think St George's Day should be made a bank holiday in England to give everyone the chance to really enjoy the day.

Street parties

Even the Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu reckons there should be a public holiday, saying: "It also happens to be the birthday of Shakespeare.

"Why couldn't we have street parties where plays of Shakespeare and many other plays are being re-enacted in our streets?"