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Last Updated: Friday April 24 2009 08:25 GMT

In pics: NR presenters' childhood ambitions

The Newsround team

They're presenters and reporters for Newsround now, but when our talented team were your age what did they want to be when they grew up?

Ricky as a child and reporting from a sewer for Newsround

Looks like Ricky's always been creative, so it's no surprise he's doing the job of his dreams. "I was a news geek from an early age! I loved to entertain and share stories with other people."

Sonali as a baby and reporting from a lab for Newsround

Sonali couldn't make her mind up. After wanting to be an air stewardess or librarian, she said: "I was good at science at school, so my big ambition was becoming a doctor."

Ore as a child and on the set of Newsround

Ore wanted to be a doctor or a surgeon until he realised he didn't like biology. "I didn't have a very steady hand, which REALLY isn't good if you're operating on a patient," he said.

Gavin as a child and trying out rowing for Sportsround

Gavin wanted to be a footballer or sports agent, but said: "I'm glad things have worked out the way they have - being a TV presenter is one of the most awesome jobs in the world!"

Newsround's Leah

Leah wanted to spend time scrabbling around in the dirt. She said: "I wanted to become an archaeologist. I like the idea of travelling the world, stumbling across undiscovered artefacts."