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Last Updated: Friday April 24 2009 04:42 GMT

Quiz: Jobs

Job centre sign

Question 1

What is the job title of the most senior officer in a police force?

A: Chief Inspector
B: Chief Constable
C: Chief of Staff

Question 2

What does an architect do?

A: Designs buildings
B: Builds houses
C: Designs clothes

Question 3

Who'd be most likely to fix your heating?

A: A carpenter
B: A bricklayer
C: A plumber

Question 4

What do you call someone who is learning a trade or profession?

A: An apprentice
B: A novice
C: An accomplice

Question 5

Who prepares the food in a restaurant?

A: The waiter
B: The dishwasher
C: The chef

Question 6

Which subject is most closely linked to archaeology?

A: Geography
B: History
C: Citizenship

Question 7

If you're in the Royal Navy, you're probably a...?

A: Sailor
B: Soldier
C: Tailor

Question 8

Which of these jobs is in the media?

A: Pragmatist
B: Journalist
C: Psychologist

Question 9

Which of these subjects is most closely associated with textiles?

A: Accountancy
B: Chemistry
C: Art and design

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