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Last Updated: Thursday April 23 2009 10:45 GMT

We met the world's top astronomers!

Press Packers Niall, Laura, Joshua and Chloe

Press Packers Niall, Laura, Joshua and Chloe have been studying astronomy, which is all about stars and planets, at school. On Wednesday they did a presentation in front of top scientists from around the globe.

Here's their report.

"We went to the Jenam Conference - the Joint European and National Astronomy Meeting - at the University of Hertfordshire to give a presentation on archeoastronomy, which is looking at what people in history understood about the stars and what part that played in their culture.

We have been studying this topic for months with the help of Nottingham Trent University astronomer Dr Daniel Brown.

The event was part of the European week of Astronomy and Space Science and International Year of Astronomy 2009.

When we arrived we saw how big the event was going to be. We got the chance to look around the venue and learn what scientists in different countries around the World are researching in astronomy.

The Press Packers with the Mars Rover model
The Press Packers with the Mars Rover model

Our favourite thing was the Mars Rover model; this is a working model of the robot that was used to explore Mars.

Getting ready

We were looking forward to doing our presentation, which we were doing in front of some of the top international scientists in astronomy. As it got closer to the time we got really nervous but we were excited too!

Our presentation was split into four parts to make it easier for us to deliver. Luckily it went really well and everyone was very supportive. We were all relieved it was over but then we wanted to do it again!

Stars of astronomy!

After the presentation, we were interviewed by people from the magazine Star Light for young astronomers, which we will appear in soon.

It was a fun experience for all of us and a great opportunity."

Niall, 11, and Laura, Joshua and Chloe, all 12, Nottinghamshire.

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