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Last Updated: Thursday April 23 2009 06:32 GMT

Kids feel unsafe on the streets


Gavin's been finding out about your biggest fears

One in five of you feel unsafe on the streets, according to a Newsround survey.

Lots of you also said you are scared of bullies, and four out of ten of you are scared of the dark.

After bullying, lots of you said getting stabbed or shot was your biggest fear.

Gavin's been investigating and went to a workshop in Kent where lots of kids go to learn about staying safe on the streets.

It's run by Chris Preddie, who now works for the anti-crime charity Crimestoppers.

Chris Preddie

Chris Preddie's top tips for staying safe

But he used to carry a knife when he was younger but now visits schools and kids to teach them about the dangers of doing so.

"Nine out of 10 kids that carry knives for protection actually get stabbed - you're most likely to get it used on yourself," he said.

Many of the kids at the workshops say knife crime is something that worries them - even though none of them know anyone who carries a knife. Gangs are also a problem.

So if you do feel unsafe on the streets here are a few things you can do:

  • Go out with a big group of people you know
  • Stay in a well lit area
  • Take your phone when you go out
  • Stay in places you know well

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