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Last Updated: Wednesday April 22 2009 04:38 GMT

Meet Joe and his giant family

All About You: family life

You might argue and bicker with the people you share a house with, but it seems you want to spend MORE time with members of your family.

That's what a huge survey Newsround organised says, with a third of you wanting more time with your family.

That's on top of the three hours a day that four out of five of you tell us you already spend with them.

Adam's been to visit one boy who can't get away from his family - he's got 10 brothers and sisters!

Joe lives in Blackpool with his mum, dad and 10 brothers and sisters, which means 13 people squeeze into the house.

It can get pretty busy at the best of times, especially first thing in the morning.

Find out more about Joe's family

Joe explained: "Everyone's running around finding their clothes and the little ones need help getting dressed for school. The queue for the bathroom is quite big because people take a long time brushing their teeth and washing their mouth out."

He added: "The good thing about being a big family is that we get to do stuff for mum and dad, and help them out. And they can help us.

"The bad things are other people talking about us and how big a family we've got."

Keeping quiet

Do you get enough family time?

Of course with all those people around noise can be a problem too, but there is one time of day when Joe's family do keep quiet.

"At mealtimes it's normally crazy because everyone's hungry. Everyone shoves food into their faces and it's normally quiet because they're all eating food!

"Sometimes I wish I had a smaller family when Conan, Phoebe and Angel annoy me!|"