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Last Updated: Tuesday April 21 2009 13:08 GMT

Fair play lessons to stop cheats

Ore looks into fair play

Ore checks out fairplay and cheating

Thousands of you are going to be taught top tips on how to play fair in sport to try to stop people cheating.

Loads of you say you regularly see your classmates using dodgy tactics on the playing field, including elbowing, hair-pulling and tripping people up.

And boys are more likely to consider doing something unfair than girls.

Now the Cricket Foundation is offering eight to 14-year-olds sessions on the Spirit of Cricket to show the need for good sportsmanship for everyone.

The scheme is being backed by England cricketing hero Andrew Flintoff who said: "It's massively important as a sportsman to play hard, play fair, respect your opponent and respect yourself."

Head of cricket at Marylebone Cricket Club John Stephenson, said competition's good for you but not if you have to resort to underhand tactics to win.

"Sport should be played to win," he said. "However, it's equally important to have respect for all those involved in the game, be it the captain, the officials, the opposition or your own team."