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Last Updated: Tuesday April 21 2009 04:40 GMT

Kids attacking teachers in class

Kids see teachers being bullied

When you spend so much time at school it's no surprise some kids behave badly sometimes, but have you ever thought about how it affects your teachers?

According to a Newsround survey, more than one in 10 children say their teachers are sometimes bullied or even attacked in class by other pupils.

Bullying is still a problem for you too and more than than half of you are also distracted by badly behaved classmates.

Maddy spoke to one teacher who's still got the scars from her pupil's attack.

Teacher Jean Roberts was punched and kicked by a pupil at her school
Teacher Jean Roberts has been punched and kicked by a pupil

Jean Roberts was hurt when she tried to stop a boy fighting in the school playground.

"I saw him having a real go at this child and I went to intervene and he was very angry," she said.

"I got kicked and I got punched and in fact I got kicked to the extent that I've still got bruises and marks on my legs now."

Nearly every day there are reports about people who work in schools being bitten, jumped on or even threatened with knives.

A report for one teaching group found the problem's worse in primary schools, where one in three teachers say they've experienced violence.

See what pupils think about bad behaviour in schools

Jean Roberts told Maddy dealing with violent pupils is hard, and some teachers can feel like they don't want to go to work because of it.

But she said there can also be a lot of reasons behind pupils' bad behaviour.

"I think life is very stressful today," she said. "One of the things is about tests in schools that children get worried about.

"Very often older children, the Year 6 children, can feel it's very stressful."

How hard is it for teachers?

Politicians across the UK are promising to help schools deal with the problem and give teachers more support.

Many teachers reckon that still won't be enough to stop the worst behaved kids though and, if things don't improve, they're ready to quit the classroom for good.

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