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Last Updated: Monday April 20 2009 10:53 GMT

My tips for kids in the credit crunch


Press Packer Rhona wants kids to help their parents through the recession.

Here are her top money-saving tips.

"We all know that grown-ups are facing a big credit crunch right now. Everyone's feeling the pinch.

You may have noticed that your weekly magazine has gone up 10 or 20 pence in price or the CD you've been saving up for was £11.50 but now it's £12.50. Its small things like this that make a noticeable change to the way we spend out money.

Even though bills and taxes are rocketing, we are still asking for "Some pocket money please Dad" or "A new bike please, Mum". I think it's shocking, but there a few ways we can help our parents in their time of need.

Here are my top tips for the 'kidit crunch':

Savvy spending

Stop asking for more money. Spend your allowance wisely on things you can have more that just one go of.

For example, don't buy a soft toy that you look at, smile at then forget about. Save up and buy something like a computer game that you can keep using.

Make money

Instead of asking for expensive things like computer games, mobile phones, instruments, computers, TVs etc from your parents, why not earn the money for them yourself? You could hold a jumble sale and sell all your old stuff or have a car wash.

Keep bills down

Have shorter showers or shallower baths. You may not believe it, but big, hot bubbly baths and 20 minute showers COST.

Finally, cut down on electricity and gas. Don't leave lights on that don't need to be on or leave computers, TVs or stereos on standby.

Another thing to watch out for is central heating - if you're cold, just put an extra jumper on!

Rhona, 12, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

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