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Last Updated: Monday April 20 2009 09:40 GMT

Ore watches his team lose at Wembley

Ore at Wembley

Newsround and Sportsround presenter Ore is a BIG sports fan and loves Manchester United.

So when he got the chance to go to the FA Cup semi-final at Wembley he was really excited.

We managed to keep him calm just long enough to tell us about his day.

"As people started getting on the train I could see lots of red Manchester United fans and lots of blue Everton fans. The difference between them, though, was the noise. All I could hear and see was Everton fans singing.

For those that haven't been to Wembley, when you get out of the station the stadium towers impressively in front of you.

Ore outside Wembley
Hold onto that ticket Ore!

It's literally all you can see for a mile - that and an ocean of fans. I'm no architect, and being a football fan I'm slightly biased, but the building itself is absolutely stunning.

The weather was brilliant. It was warm, sunny and you got a real sense of it being an FA Cup semi-final day - the tens of thousands of people on their way in were buzzing.

Giant Wembley arch

Stepping into the stadium's arena was quite overwhelming. I looked up and saw the famous arch high above me and then looked around to see the seats split almost perfectly into a red half and a blue half.

Our seats were on the opposite side to the dugouts and just nine rows from the front - an excellent view.

The players came out onto the pitch and I was hit with a load of emotions: excitement, nervousness…and hunger! I hadn't eaten since the morning and knew I probably wouldn't until I got home!

When you're watching football live in the stadium it's like everyone's your best mate. It's always funny singing supporters' songs as loud as possible for Rio (Ferdinand), Vee-da (Nemanja Vidic), the Italian wonder-kid Kiko (Federico Macheda) and everyone else. Of course I've never met these people but who cares - we're all on the same team!

Get ready for penalties! It wasn't the best football spectacle, but I thought United were the better team. Was I a bit biased? You decide.

As the game went on, moving closer and closer to a dose of nerve-wrangling penalties, Everton fans were rocking the place.

Ore's view of Manchester United
The Manchester United players before the penalties. How good was Ore's view?!!!?!

United won the Carling Cup Final earlier in the season, also at Wembley, on penalties, but I wasn't feeling good about them this time.

Let's just say after the game I wasn't feeling good about much else either…

Everton were through to the final. Their fans were still making a lot of noise and I just wanted to curl up in bed and watch the highlights, finding reasons why my team should have won."