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Last Updated: Sunday April 19 2009 12:57 GMT

Girl survives nasty nail accident

Ore reports on Naomi's accident

An 11-year-old girl in Scotland escaped being killed after a wooden plank full of nails fell on her head.

Naomi was building a shelter with her friends in the woods in West Lothian in Scotland when the plank fell on her.

It was full of nails and got stuck to Naomi's head. Firefighters had to saw the plank off as it was too big to fit in the ambulance.

Naomi had the plank removed in hospital and was really lucky not to have been killed by the freak accident.

Naomi said at first she thought she had twigs tangled in her hair: "I thought something was stuck in my hair but when I tried to pull it out, it was stuck."

Naomi Easton
Naomi before doctors removed the plank

Firefighters and doctors have praised Naomi for being so brave and she is now recovering at home: "I feel a little bit sore and I'm glad that I'm still here and I've got my mum. "Next time I go out to play I'll take her with me."