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Last Updated: Monday April 20 2009 06:23 GMT

Money worries hitting kids

Sonali reports on your money issues

More than six out of 10 children have been affected by the credit crunch, according to a Newsround survey.

Four out of 10 kids say their parents worry about money and a quarter of kids know someone who's lost their job.

And about nine out of 10 say they would give up something - like pocket money - to help their family.

Sonali went to Somerset to meet 12-year-old Shaun whose family have been having a tough time financially over the past few months.

Shaun's dad lost his job as a security guard last July and since then money has been really tight for Shaun and his family.

Shaun tells Sonali about his money worries

He said: "It's been very upsetting.

"My dad's very stressed now and when he's stressed I feel bad and I feel stressed myself.

"When my cupboards were filled with food, but now that food's just gone down because of the money situation."

Difficult time

And he's not the only one - lots of people have lost their jobs over the past few months, as companies run into financial problems.

Shaun told Newsround: "My best mate's mum, she lost her job, and things have been difficult for him at home too.

Expert advice

Expert explains the recession and what it means

"My biggest wish this year is that my dad gets his job back."

We spoke to money expert Evan Davies and he said even if things look bad at the moment, things should start looking up soon.

He explained that from time to time economies - including Britain - go through some good times and some bad times.

And there's good news ahead: "By the time you're looking for a job there should be plenty of work around."

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