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Last Updated: Friday April 17 2009 11:58 GMT

Spy chiefs seek gadget inventor

Alex Rider used spy gadgets in Stormbreaker

It sounds like it is straight from the movies but Britain's spy chiefs are looking for their own gadget inventor.

MI5 is the UK's security service and it has advertised for a scientist to be in charge of creating secret devices.

The role will be like Smithers in Stormbreaker who made so-called spot cream that actually dissolved metal for junior agent Alex Rider.

The job advert does not name the cool gadgets, but it's known that modern day spies use secret hi-tech equipment.

The new science adviser will have to keep up with the latest developments in science and technology.

Alex Rider's secret gadgets
Alex Rider in Stormbreaker
Spot cream that can dissolve all metals on impact
A yo-yo containing a length of advanced nylon which can lift weights of up to 100kg
A computer game that was an X-ray machine

The job has been advertised on MI5's website. According to the ad, the successful applicant will "lead and co-ordinate the scientific work of the security service".

Professor John Beddington, who is a top government scientist, said: "It will involve a sort of future-gazing to see where technology will be taking us in a year or so."

He said: "This is an extraordinarily exciting job. If you are a good scientist or engineer, please apply."

But don't get too excited - sadly applicants need to be over 18.