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Last Updated: Thursday April 16 2009 09:31 GMT

Logging on with no screen or keys

A computer without a screen

Maddy reports on the computer without a screen

Laptops and mobile phones are pretty portable ways to go online, but imagine using your hands to log on instead.

A group of scientists have come up with a device that hangs around your neck and can make any flat surface into a computer screen.

It's called SixthSense and could let you take pictures by making a rectangle with your fingers in mid-air.

The experts want to make it possible for people to access information and use it wherever they are.

The device hanging around your neck is a camera and projector, and it's connected to a hi-tech mobile phone in your pocket.

The phone is the connection to the internet and the camera/projector works with it to put a screen anywhere you want.

Technology on the move


Gestures you make with your hands control what you see on that "screen", so if you drew a circle a clock would appear in front of you.

The people behind it don't think their invention will replace computers, but they think it could make using technology on the move much more convenient.