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Last Updated: Tuesday April 14 2009 14:15 GMT

Allergies on the rise for kids

Woman sneezing

Sonali reports on a rise in allergies

The number of people suffering from more than one allergy in the UK has doubled according to doctors.

Children in particular are likely to have not one but several allergies from eczema to asthma.

Experts aren't entirely sure of the reason why, but think it could be to do with people eating a wider range of foods from a younger age.

They say if you suffer from a nut allergy for example you're also likely to suffer from other allergies.

Sonail and Dr Adam Fox

Sonali talks to allergy expert

Top allergy expert Dr Adam Fox says: "People who get allergies have been unlucky enough to get a tendency to have allergies from their parents, and if you've got that tendency then you're more likely to get more than one allergy."

If you are worried you may have an allergy, experts recommend you get a proper allergy test done so you've got the best chance of treating it.