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Last Updated: Wednesday April 15 2009 06:53 GMT

We were evacuees

Press Packers Megan and Bernice

Press Packers Megan and Bernice found out what life was like for many children caught up in World War II when they took part in an evacuation exercise at school.

Here's their report.

"At our school we have been learning about World War II this term. We have learnt a lot about evacuation.

Our school is in a small village in the Pennines. Recently all the junior children had an evacuation day.

The children with their evacuation kits
Ready to evacuate

We travelled on a train and everyone carried a gas mask box, some people had suitcases, and everyone bought a packed lunch in a brown paper parcel or bag.

We wore outfits that wartime children would have worn and the teachers dressed up too. Some parents came to wave us off at the station and they even got dressed up.

Pupils boarding the train
Boarding the train

The train journey was fun because many of us had never travelled by train before, just like real evacuees did.

When we arrived at our destination we went into a room where an official lady had some lists ready to sort out where we would go next. Some of us experienced what it felt like to be picked last for our new homes.

Everyone had a great time. We always knew our evacuation was just pretend but it must have been scary for the children in the war because they didn't know where they were going and if they would ever see their parents again."

Megan and Bernice, Year 6, County Durham.

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