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Last Updated: Thursday April 09 2009 05:28 GMT

Girl, 7, is new radio agony aunt

Elaina in the radio studio

Girl agony aunt hits the airwaves

If your mates have got a problem, you probably like trying to help them out, but imagine offering your advice to thousands of people every week!

That's exactly what one seven-year-old schoolgirl in the Midlands is doing after being snapped up as an agony aunt by her local radio station.

Elaina was given her own slot on the breakfast show after ringing in with advice for one of the listeners.

Now loads of people write in asking her for advice on their problems.

With her regular Monday morning slot, Elaina's thought to be Britain's youngest agony aunt.

Radio DJ Andy Goulding
Radio DJ Andy Goulding

So far she's tackled problems large and small, including everything from broken hearts to a company that wanted to buy a parrot but their boss wouldn't let them!

Elaina says she loves helping people, but her new job has changed her mind about what she wants to do when she's older.

"I wanted to help people even more by being a nurse and then I changed my mind to being a radio producer," she said.

'Open and honest'

DJ Andy Goulding says Elaina's proving really popular with listeners.

"Whatever you ask her she'll tell you what she thinks," he said.

"So, rather than shying away from the truth, she's just be completely open and completely honest and that's what you need sometimes."