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Last Updated: Wednesday April 08 2009 13:41 GMT

In pictures: Maddy in Italy

Maddy checks out the damage

Maddy is in Italy to report on the earthquake and the problems after it. It struck on Monday 6 April in the city of L'Aquila and killed more than 250 people.

Mattresses from a destroyed house in Italy

Thousands of homes were destroyed, and as many as 50,000 people are thought to be homeless. A lot of them have had to leave all their belongings behind.

A comic in the rubble in Italy

This comic was left behind in the rubble of one of the destroyed homes. L'Aquila is hundreds of years old, so many of its buildings have been destroyed.

Maddy chats to a charity worker

Maddy found out from charity worker Jon about the kind of help the people in Italy need. Many of them are living in hotel rooms and in their cars.

The tent village in Italy

And thousands are staying in special villages of tents. There are eight beds squeezed inside most of them.

Clowns at the tent village

Clowns and entertainers visited the village to try to keep the children - and Maddy! - staying there happy.

Water at the tent village in Italy

But all those people need a lot of looking after. As well as enough food, it's important there's enough water for them to drink too.

Maddy checks out the toilets

And all that water means a lot of toilets are needed as well!

Rescue workers in Italy

The area is also suffering from smaller aftershocks. One of these struck while Maddy was in a BBC truck. She nipped out to see lots of rescue workers racing around.