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Last Updated: Wednesday April 08 2009 09:36 GMT

Dog survives solo stay on island

Sophie the rescued dog

A pet dog which was washed overboard near Australia and was thought to have drowned has been found alive.

Sophie Tucker - who's named after a famous actress -vanished from her owners' boat when they were sailing near Queensland in November 2008.

They thought they'd lost her for good, but the lucky dog survived by swimming to a nearby island. She lived on a diet of baby goats until being found.

Sophie's owners were amazed to hear she'd been discovered.

They've now been reunited with their pet pooch.

When Rangers found Sophie on St Bees Island they thought she was a wild dog.

But friends of her owners heard about the story, and contacted them to say that Sophie may have survived.

Her owners raced to meet her when the Rangers' boat returned to the mainland, and said that the dog was so pleased to see them that she practically flattened them!