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Last Updated: Tuesday April 07 2009 15:40 GMT

Quake death toll rises in Italy

Watch Maddy's evening report from Italy.

The number of people killed by a huge earthquake in Italy on Monday is 207, officials there say.

Rescue workers were up all night trying to find survivors buried beneath the thousands of buildings that collapsed in and around the city of L'Aquila.

Around 17,000 people have been left homeless by the quake, and many are now sleeping in villages of tents.

It's thought rescue workers were able to pull 100 survivors from the rubble, but a lot of people are still missing.

BBC journalists in Italy said another smaller earthquake - called an aftershock - hit around midnight, shaking the ground again.

A map of Italy

It wasn't the only aftershock to strike, and when they did workers had to stop what they were doing because more rubble fell from buildings.

The city of L'Aquila is an old one, with many of the buildings built hundreds of years ago.

Officials in Italy say they think as many as two thirds of the buildings in L'Aquila cannot be lived in anymore.

Maddy in Italy

Tents, cars and hotel rooms

At the moment a lot of the survivors are living in thousands of tents which have put up in parks and football pitches.

Others are sleeping in their cars, or in hotels. Around 10,000 hotel rooms have been available for them.

The Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said: "It is a serious disaster. Now we must rebuild and that will require huge sums of money."

Speaking on Italian television Mr Berlusconi added: "Tonight don't go back to your houses, it could be dangerous."