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Last Updated: Monday April 13 2009 09:13 GMT

Is dog poo a problem where YOU live?

Dog poo on a playing field

Kids' views on dog poo

People who let their dogs poo all over the pavement can be a real pain, but it's an even bigger problem on playing fields.

The mess is harder to see hidden in the grass, and since kids often play games on fields they're more likely to fall in it or get it on their clothes.

So is poo a problem where you like to play?

Do people who let their dogs roam free cause a stink where you live, or is everyone really responsible and cleans up after them.

Whatever you think (or should that be stink!) we want to know!

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Your comments

"People clean up dog poo here. In fact, they even leave bags in the parks for people to use."

Joey, 10, Vancouver, Canada

"Dog poo isn't such a problem in my area of Leicester as such but it is a problem in other parts of the town."

Lauren, 10, Leicester, England

"Where I live there is no dog poo but at my Nans there is - I'm always looking out for it, so I don't step in it."

Mia, 10, Hertfordshire, England

"A playing field near our house is completely covered in the poo. It's so gross - even in winter when I'm playing on my sledge, I get it all over my sledge and it takes ages to clean it off!"

Lucy, 11, West Lothian, Scotland

"It is horrible to step in. The people who don't pick the poo up regularly should get a punishment like community service."

Alexander, 11, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"In my area, poo is a real problem even though there are signs. I think that one reason is that younger children take their dogs for walks and think that picking up dog muck is disgusting - they shouldn't walk their dogs if they can't pick up its muck!!"

Emily, 11, Wiltshire, England

"Yes, it's a really bad problem where I live."

Phillip, 9, Cumbria, England

"Dog poo is a massive problem. On our way to school in the alleyways there is dog poo everywhere. It is like a maze and you have to be careful not to step on it. People should be more considerate and clean up after their dogs."

Lucy, 12, London, England

"Yes, there's poo in my front garden and even in my neighbour's front garden! It smells."

Amelia, 9, Swansea, Wales

"There is this short cut to school that I usually take and it has dog muck all around the sides, even though there are special bins."

Mheilane, 11, London, England

"On our local playing field there's nothing, there are lots of bins around our playing field and I have not found any yet."

Felicia, 10, Cheshire, England

"In my area, I have a field where I take my dog and nobody ever goes there to have a picnic or a sit down because it is full of smelly dog poo! So I can't let my dog off his lead!"

Zahra, 11, Preston, England

"Here in Japan, it's not a problem AT ALL! I've never seen dog droppings anywhere in Japan, because everyone here is very clean."

Miyako, 11, Tokyo, Japan

"In my town there is no dog poo. It's clean - spic and span."

Nas, 10, Somerset, England

"The field near where I live people walk their dogs but I don't have a problem with that because I've got two dogs too. I do have a problem with owners not picking up their dog's mess, because me and my friends have a den in the bushes. The other day I was running to my den and splat, straight into dog muck."

Ben, 10, Wales

"Dog poo is a problem. People who have dogs don't clean up their mess. They shouldn't have animals if they're not going to clean up after them."

Jodielee, 10, Nottinghamshire, England

"There is loads of dog poo around our area. Everywhere you go you end up standing in it. Gross!"

Carrie, 14, Bristol, England

"There is a park by our house and you always have to look out for dog poo and you can't enjoy your time with your friends."

Daniel, 9, West Lothian, England

"We live far out from the village so we walk our dog in fields so there is no dog poo. But in the village there is a lot of dog poo. I don't know how people can let their dogs do it and walk away."

Charlotte, 10, England

"Dog poo is a disgusting thing. You can't walk down a street without seeing it! People should clean up after their dogs!"

Elizabeth, 11, The Netherlands

"I hate having to pick up dog poo but I also hate it if I step in it."

Sami, 14, Blackpool, England

"It is everywhere I go - it is terrible!"

Lewis, 12, Scotland

"In my town we don't really have to worry because you are made to pick up your dog's mess from the park and put it in one of the waste bins!"

Callum, 11, Chelmsford, England

"On the way to school everyday I have to walk around it. It's gross. I wish the dog's owner would pick it up and put it it a bag."

Lily, 8, England

"There is dog poo all over our field! It's disgusting! People are not watching their dogs and then when they're not looking, their dogs poop! It's horrid."

Zoe, 14, Guildford, England

"Yes, it is and on the road I live on it is a nightmare. It is EVERYWHERE. It is DISGUSTING. I want something to stop people leaving it everywhere."

Paige, 10, Buckinghamshire, England

"It isn't a very big problem where I live. Only sometimes I would see some when I am cycling out on the road."

Ruth, 10, Northern Ireland

"It's a bad problem. In my park there's a section where you can take your dog for a poo but there's still some on the paths. It's lethal - especially if there are young children around!"

Bethany, 11, Northern Ireland

"People who let their dogs poo on the grass in the park can be a real pain because you step in it and it's hard to see. Plus, kids often play games and run around in the park."

Saffron, 7, London, England

"Dog poo isn't that much of an issue where I live, but there are a few annoying people who still don't pick it up!"

Emily, 12, Ipswich, England

"Where I live there is dog poo everywhere. It's disgusting - everywhere you go you're looking out for dog poo. At the park, on the streets, you're looking for the stuff!"

Jodie, 10, Bradford, England

"Yes, because it stinks, and I hate dogs and cats!"

Areeja, 13, London, England

"Yes it is a problem. There is poo out front of our house sometimes. I have a dog and whenever I walk him I always clean it up."

Kaleem, 11, Worcestershire, England

"I think dog poo is disgusting - especially when you walk to school like I do."

Robert, 9, Manchester, England

"There is absolutely tons of dog mess around our town, especially at our local football field and nobody seems to do anything about it."

George, 9, Dorset, England

"When I walk to school there is always dog poo there, and in some places if you get caught you have to pay the council some money."

Georgia, 10, North Yorkshire, England

"Dog poo is awful. I think owners should clean up after their dog, especially on the playing fields where children play. It's really annoying on the paths too when I walk to school. Plus it smells revolting!!"

Hollie, 11, Sheffield, England

"There is a huge dog poo problem where I live. There is poo everywhere and it is even more annoying when it gets stepped in."

Amy, 12, Bournemouth, England

"When I walk to school in the morning I have to dodge dog poo, it's horrible. I think if you are getting a dog you should make sure you should pick up its poo!"

Savvanagh, 12, Manchester, England

"In my area we don't really have much of a problem with this issue, but along paths there can be bits of it, it's revolting!!"

Anna, 11, Essex, England

"Dog poo where I live is awful. It's all over the streets. If you have a dog your responsibility is to clean up after it."

Emily, 14, Halifax, England

"Yes, dog droppings are a problem because it is very disgusting and ruins the streets. I think that there should be more wardens around so they can fine more people. You wouldn't let your children litter in the streets so why let your dogs?"

Chloe, 10, West Lothian, Scotland

"I think dog poo is not good because you can tread on it and then it's on your shoes and also it smells so bad. Where I live you do get dog poo and to be honest I have trodden in it once and it's horrible so I think overall dog poo is a problem where I live."

Gemma, 11, Surrey, England

"Dog poo is really a big problem where I live and it is sometimes on the pavement outside of where I live and it's really annoying."

Alana, 12, London, England

"I have a big problem when I walk home from school because it's all over the ground. I live in a cul-de-sac and we even get it in our garden because most of our neighbours have dogs and when they are out playing with them they poop in our gardens."

Joanna, 11, Northern Ireland

"I think that dog poo is bad because nobody puts it out of sight, they just put it in a see through breakable bag and drop on the ground. People let their dogs poo wherever they like even in the middle of the road."

Talitha, 8, England

"I've got three dogs and I have to pick up their poo so I'm not that bothered, but people without that much experience means it will be hard for them."

Clara, 9, Northern Ireland

"I don't think dog poo is a problem because I step over it."

Amy, 10, Wiltshire, England

"Dog poo is not a problem for me really because not many dogs live in my street."

Courtney, 9, Wolverhampton, England

"I don't normally come across dog poo in town - it's usually just chewing gum or bird muck. If I am unlucky enough to find dog poo I normally notice it before I step in it. But sometimes I don't - yuck!"

Phoebe, 8, Suffolk, England

"Dog poo stinks. There are piles on the streets and I was once unlucky enough to step in it! There should be charges and fines if this happens."

Tyson, 12, London, England

"Yes, there is always some dog poo in the park - it's disgusting!"

Alice, 10, Cambridgeshire, England

"I don't think I've ever walked to school without seeing some dog poo."

Matthew, 9, Northampton, England

"People just let their dogs poo on our street and don't clean it up. If you step in it it really stinks and is so horrible."

Kate, 10, Brighton, England

"We don't really have that much trouble with dog poo, but it still is around the ground all along the street!"

Grace, 11, Dorset, England

"I have to walk to the bus stop in the morning and when I do I have to keep an eye out for dog poo. It is a real pain."

Anna, 9, Warwick, England

"The problem where I live isn't too bad, but it's still disgusting when it does happen. Why can't people clean up after their dogs? I like dogs very much, but it's the people who get on my nerves."

Rae, 13, British Columbia, Canada

"I hate it when dogs poo on the grass or anywhere, because it smells and it spoils it when you are out with people."

Amy, 10, Preston, England

"Well, when I walk my dog I generally pick up his mess. However sometimes I don't. The idea of it makes me feel queasy and I know it's wrong but if the idea of stepping in it is gross imagine picking it up! I really can relate to people not picking it up!"

Georgina, 14, Berkshire, England

"Dog poo is horrible on my street because about every five steps there's a big pile of it."

Rosie, 11, England

"I hate dog poo when I try to play football. I can see it as soon as I step on the grass."

Airidas, 9, Coventry, England

"When I walk down the road with my sister, coming home from school, there are normally about three lots of dog poo on just that one road."

Rebekah, 12, Blackpool, England

"Dog poo is a real problem where I live. People leave it on the pavement."

Charlotte, 14, Leicestershire, England

"Dog owners really should think more about cleaning up after their pet before getting a dog. If they think it is disgusting and don't want to pick the poop up then they shouldn't have bothered getting one! Thankfully it isn't a problem in my area, even if everyone has a dog around here."

Georgina, 12, Berkshire, England

"Yes - on the field, my grandad picks up all the dog poo, even if it's not his dogs!"

Mollie, 10, Merseyside, England

"Yes - because the council never empty the dog mess bins so they overflow and people don't bother using them because it is already all over the ground."

Claire, 12, Lincolnshire, England

"Right outside my house there is a problem with dog poo. It's really annoying because I have to be careful where I walk. I can't walk down my street without worrying about dog mess!"

Ellie, 12, Essex, England

"In the park I take my nan's two dogs they are allowed out and the poo is a real problem. I suppose it's not that bad - but it's gross!"

Georgia, 10, Kent, England

"I hate dog poo. I wonder why people don't just clear up after their dogs, as it's disgusting for others."

Harriet, 9, Norfolk, England

"Dog poo isn't a problem where I live but it is near my school. When you walk down to the local sweet shop you have passed about 20 pieces of dog poo already!"

Daisy, 10, Nottingham, England

"I think dog walkers should be forced to clean up after their dog."

Joshua, 11, Bedfordshire, England

"I think dog poo is a bit a of nuisance. Even though our town is quite a clean place there is always the odd bit around. Personally, I think it's appalling that dog owners have no respect for the rest of the public and more should be done to prosecute them."

Izzy, 11, North Yorkshire, England

"Yes, dog poo is horrible. When I am walking along I have to look at the ground in case I step in anything!"

Ella-Mae, 11, Swansea, Wales

"There isn't much poo around my town but I think people could pick up after their dogs more. Also, the police should be more strict on people who are caught."

Sophie, 11, North Yorkshire, England

"I hate it when I walk to school and stand on dog poo. If you're going to have a dog you need to take full responsibility for it."

Nadia, 10, Scotland

"Dog poo used to be a real problem in my town until a group of citizens got to together and created a tighter law against dog poo. Now if you are seen leaving dog mess you will be fined £100! We always have officers patrolling round the streets."

Laura, 13, Lancashire, England

"We can't go to the park anymore because there is dog mess everywhere. It is spoiling the area. Since I was little I have called this place the land of poo! We hope to move to a better area. It's a disgrace! I have a dog and my parents clean it up, so why can't others?"

Julia, 8, County Durham, England

"Sometimes there is a problem with dog poop around my area. I hate when people leave dog poo right outside my house because I have to dodge it or we drive over it and the smell stinks!"

Sarah, 11, Dublin, Ireland

"In our town there is not much dog poo left around - maybe the odd bit in the park - but it is not a problem."

Matilda, 11, England

"It's a really big problem around here."

Sophie, 12, Lincolnshire, England

"Yes - some people who live near my school let their pets poo on our yard and school grounds."

Ella, 10, Wiltshire, England

"When I walk to school, it gets really annoying because people let their dogs do it behind the bin or something. They think we won't see it!"

Sawen, 8, London, England

"I don't think dogs should be allowed on football pitches at all, but they should be allowed on normal fields and there should be poo bags on the dog bins."

Dan, 11, Lancashire, England

"Where I live they have put signs up but there are no wardens around. So there is still lots of dog poo - even under the signs."

Ellie, 9, Cumbria, England

"Dog poo is everywhere where I live and it is not my dog's."

Edward, 8, Luton, England

"Whenever I play out on my bike I am always weaving this way and that because of it."

Laura, 10, Essex, England

"Well in Derry there's lots. Some owners are really lazy and just leave it there - that's really being lazy!"

Aoibh, 9, Derry, Ireland

"Outside our school it is a problem. People do not pick up their dog's poo and that leaves us to step in it."

Caitlin and Collete, 11 and 7, Luton, England

"I get fed up, and so do my parents, coming home with dog poo on my shoes every time I come back from the park - thanks to the lazy dog owners."

Jack, 12, Swansea, Wales

"I think if someone is going to take on the responsibility of a pet they should clean up after them too."

Mehreen, 11, Surrey, England

"I think dog poo is a bit of a problem, but I don't see why people put them in plastic bags. That way it's just going to take a million years to biodegrade instead of a few days. And dogs can't help going to the toilet! It's the owners' fault for not picking them up."

Amy, 12, Scotland

"When I walk up the hill at school there are lots of blobs of pooey poo and the little kids are always stepping in it. It's gross!"

Charlotte, 9, England

"I have a very bad issue with poo but it's not a dog - it's a PIG!!! The person next door has a pig. I like football and when I play football I always put my foot in pig poo and it's very disturbing!!!"

Patrick, 11, England

"The road I take to school used to be smothered in the stuff. Now the council has put up signs warning dog owners about the consequences."

Ellyn, 10, Berkshire, England

"Dog poo is quite a problem where I live because there are a lot of neighbourhood dogs who just do what they want, including pooing on everyone's garden. Also, at my friend's house, we were going on the trampoline and she has two dogs, so we had to jump to get to the trampoline as there was dog poo all around the entrance!!"

Jana, 13, Vancouver, Canada

"Outside our school there is a problem. The problem is that people do not pick up their dogs' poo that leaves us stepping in it."

Caitlin and Collette, 11 and 7, Luton, England

"I play for comber rec and the council pitch is so bad for poo we have to walk to check for poo and remove it with a spade, which is not very nice."

Adam, 11, Northern Ireland

"Where I live, which is quite near a public footpath, you can't go on a walk without seeing or treading in dog poo! Why do people leave it for someone else to pick up, IT'S NOT FAIR!"

Molly, 13, England

"There is LOADS of dog poo where I live! Even though people have put signs up to tell people to clean up their dog's poo, but no one listens."

Zara, 11, London, England

"Everywhere I turn in my street there there's dog poo. Especially in the alley by me I have to take this route up the alley every morning to get to my local school. But every SINGLE morning there is a fresh lot of dog poo! :( It's disgusting, it's not even in bags."

Chloe, 12, West Midlands, England

"We have got a brand new school and there is a lot of dog poo. When we walk to school we stand in it because people don't pick their dog's poo up."

Angharad, 9, Derbyshire, England

"I sometimes see dog poo on the streets and I have to look out and its not NICE."

Brandon, 8, Northern Ireland

"When we walk down Steeple Bay there are mountains of dog poo wherever you look. This is humiliating because now not so many people will visit Steeple and enjoy its nice views."

Harry, 10, Steeple, England

"When I want to play football there's always dog poo on our fields and most of the time I'm watching the floor so I don't stand in poo."

Christopher, 12, Liverpool, England

"Our playing field has got a lot of dog mess and when we are having a kick about or just chilling out we always have dog mess on our shoes or on our bikes!!!"

Samantha, 10, Berkshire, England

"I think that dog poo is really horrible and it stops me playing football with my friends at the park."

Tad, 6, Isle of Wight, England

"There is a problem with dog poo in my road even though there are signs saying there's a fine for a lot of money. The people that let their dogs poo also let them roam around our front garden and poo at night! This is very annoying because I have a dog and when she hears the dogs outside she barks and wakes everybody up!"

Millie, 12, London, England

"The park near us always has dog poo lurking around and when me and my sister want to run around on the field we can't because we are scared of getting poo on our shoes. It's not just on the field as well, we have seen some on the public paths too. It's really disgusting and I hope somebody can stop this from happening."

Olivia, 11, Nottingham, England

"There is a big problem with dog muck were I live."

Ryan, 13, Preston, England

"In my area there is a lot of dog poo in the local park."

Leon, 12, Liverpool, England

"Where I live sometimes there is so much dog poo you can't even walk to the supermarket without stepping in five piles of dog poo."

Alima, 9, Ireland

"Yes, I hate dog poo. It's so unfair people don't even pick it up!"

Isaac, 7, Hertfordshire, England

"It's not really a problem where I live but you can come across dog poo. It drives my mum up the wall and over the ceiling at times if she's already ticked off. To be honest the main problem near me is the smell of the horses' poo, since there are people with a few horses nearby me. The smell's not nice at all."

Elizabeth, 9, Cardiff, Wales

"When I play on a football field there is loads of dog poo everywhere and there is barely a place where there isn't dog poo."

Joel, 9, Leeds, England

"In my area there is a lot of dog poo and it's rank."

Mercedes, 12, Kent, England

"There isn't much dog poo here, sometimes there is on quieter streets, but normally it is fine. But I do think it is disgusting when they don't pick it up!"

Jasmine, 13, West Midlands, England

"No, in my town there is practically no dog poo."

Chloe, 10, Kent, England

"Yes, my mum gets really annoyed when she sees it in the streets. We have a dog but we use nappy bags to pick up its business. I think more people should consider what they are doing, would they like it if they got dog poo on their shoe?"

Catherine, 11, Ireland

"In Nottingham it really depends were you are. Usually it's not a problem, however, on the recreation fields there are quite a lot. Also it's sometimes on the streets, I hate it!!!"

Elena, 14, Nottingham, England

"I think people are often too soppy with their dog - they don't teach it not to poo everywhere, and they don't clean it up themselves."

Alice, 11, Essex, England

"Sometimes. In my town, it depends where you are. In my street and park there isn't any. But I know some places where there is loads."

Sophie, 13, Luton, England

"No, but sometimes when I go to the park there's lots of dog poo and it stinks so badly."

Fatima, 9, Bradford, England

"It's everywhere and it's disgusting - let's stop it."

Justine, 11, Birmingham, England

"No! In my area it is clean. You won't see dog poo. It's not a problem."

Marium, 14, Worcestershire, England

"I don't think it's right to leave the dog's mess there!"

Niamh, 11, Manchester, England

"Yes, I don't like it at all."

Natasha, 9, Blandford, England

"Yes, it's horrid. I hate it."

Aliya, 8, Dorset, England

"Definitely! Everyone in my area has a dog. My Mum keeps nagging me, saying 'Watch the dog poo!!!'"

Anisah, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I have a problem with bird poo at my school. We can't always play games on the field and it stinks!"

Lewis, 12, Manchester, England

"I think it's awful that people who have dogs don't have enough respect for other people to clear their dogs poo up!"

Rose, 10, Norfolk, England

"Because I have a big garden, cats come and sit in our garden and then before leaving they poo on our grass."

Hinna, 12, Surrey, England

"Dog poo is a real problem where I live because when I'm playing out with my friends walking to the park I have to always look on the ground. It is really annoying and I wish that dog walkers would just clean it up!"

Shreena, 11, Leicestershire, England