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Last Updated: Monday April 06 2009 07:30 GMT

Gavin sniffs out dog poo problem

Doo poo on a playing field

Gavin sniffs out dog poo problem

People are supposed to clean up after their dogs when they take them on walks, but as we all know, not all of them do.

It can be pretty annoying when you're walking on the street, but it's even worse on playing fields, because it's much harder to spot.

Gavin's been Leicester to sniff out a field with a poo problem.

"You'll probably agree that treading in dog poo is something that totally ruins your day. It happened to me a couple of weeks ago and it was disgusting!

Dodging the poo!

So I can really understand how kids at a school in Leicester feel when they go for a kickabout at their local playing field.

It's had loads of problems with people letting their dogs foul all over the ground.

A dog poo bin

Some of the kids were telling me how it puts them off when playing football, because they were concentrating too much on avoiding the poo above everything else!

When I went to the fields everything had been cleaned, the grass was cut and there wasn't a 'doggy doing' in sight.

But that didn't put me off the scent so I hunted around a little harder and found plenty. Oh how I wish I was in the studio instead.

Most follow the rules

Park wardens now have the power to give people on-the-spot £80 fines to anyone caught letting their dog get up to no good. If I had a dog I'd be taking its business to the nearest bin straightaway.

But it's pretty hard for the council to keep an eye on, because they told me that it was only a small proportion of dog owners who are to blame.

Most people follow the rules and clean up their mess - but it's a matter of catching the ones who don't that will be the challenge."