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Last Updated: Saturday April 04 2009 16:58 GMT

Funeral for reality TV star Jade

Well-wishers throwing flowers as Jade's funeral procession goes by

Hundreds of people took to the streets to pay their last respects to reality TV star Jade Goody as her funeral took place in Essex.

People came from across the UK to watch the procession as it drove through the areas where she grew up, on its way to the church where the funeral was held.

Jade, who first became famous when she starred in Big Brother in 2002, lost her fight against cancer on 22 March.

Her publicist, Max Clifford, said the funeral was "a very Jade Goody event".

"The whole service is very much the way Jade wanted it," he said.

In pictures
A floral tribute to Jade

About 300 people attended the church service in Essex, but hundreds more fans and well-wishers gathered outside to watch it on large screens.

Goody's mum and her husband, Jack Tweed, were among the mourners.

During the service Jack read out a poem he'd written for his wife and said: "My life will never be the same without you by my side."

Jade didn't want her sons to be at the service in case they found it too upsetting, so their dad's taken them on holiday to Australia.

After the funeral, the procession moved on to an unconfirmed location for a private burial service.