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Last Updated: Friday April 03 2009 16:50 GMT

Jesse munched on monkey brains

Singer Jesse McCartney

Singing star Jesse McCartney has hit a wrong note with some of his fans after admitting to eating monkey brains.

Surprisingly the star, who co-wrote Leona Lewis' smash hit Bleeding Love, didn't find it completely disgusting.

"It was a little chewy and a little bland," he said. "It could have been seasoned a little bit more."

Jesse's admission has got animal rights charities pretty worked up, with one saying: "You'd have to be bananas to eat monkey flesh, or any meat".

Jesse, who recently won the best male singer prize the Kids' Choice Awards in America for a second year in a row, munched the meal while on tour in Asia.

The spokesperson for animal rights charity Peta added: "When it comes to the ability to feel pain and suffer, a monkey is no different from chickens, cows and pigs. All animals deserve respect."