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Last Updated: Saturday April 04 2009 15:49 GMT

Life ban for Scotland footballers

Barry Ferguson

Footballers Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor have been banned from playing for Scotland ever again.

The pair were on the substitutes' bench for Scotland's match with Iceland on Wednesday, after being punished for a different incident of bad behaviour.

During that Iceland game they were spotted sat on the bench making rude gestures with their hands.

They've also been dropped by their club side Rangers for this weekend's match, and have been suspended for two weeks.

Ferguson, who was captain for Scotland, said he was bitterly disappointed by the ban.

Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor
Rangers goalkeeper Allan McGregor

He said: "I deeply regret what happened last weekend and the events during the last week and apologise wholeheartedly for the embarrassment caused to Scotland, Rangers, both sets of supporters and my friends and family."


Ferguson and McGregor had already been told off for breaking the rules after Scotland's 3-0 loss to the Netherlands on 28 March.

They were spotted drinking in a bar when they should have been in their hotel rooms, which is why they were substitutes for the Iceland game.

Rangers sent the two home from training on Friday, and later told them they wouldn't be able to play for the club for the next two weeks.

It's a real blow for Rangers, who are trying to beat rivals Celtic to the SPL title and are currently three points behind, in second place.