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Last Updated: Thursday April 02 2009 14:51 GMT

Call to count frogs and lizards

Common lizard

A nationwide count of amphibians and reptiles has been launched to find out what dangers they face.

Conservation groups will get together to take part in the project and they also want volunteers to help out.

Wildlife experts say the results will add to the knowledge of where the creatures can be found across the UK.

Scientists want to understand how important gardens are for them.

Common toad

The results will also be used to understand how amphibians and reptiles cope with threats including habitat loss, diseases and garden chemicals.

It's basically a head count of all the reptiles and amphibians that live in our gardens.

Hundreds hopping

Although many people think of amphibians and reptiles as creatures that only live in the countryside, the 13 species native to Britain can also all live in gardens.

Slow worm

Some gardens can have hundreds of common frogs, and others can be home to large populations of slow worms.

Other creatures that can be found in our gardens include lizards, grass snakes, toads, and newts.