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Last Updated: Thursday April 02 2009 11:31 GMT

Hamilton loses Grand Prix place

Lewis Hamilton

Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has been disqualified from the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Formula one bosses, the FIA, said they were excluding Lewis and his McLaren team as they gave misleading evidence at a hearing after Sunday's race.

The hearing moved Lewis up to third place after penalising Jarno Trulli for overtaking him while the safety car was on the track, which isn't allowed.

But now Hamilton's been stripped of his points and Trulli's in third place.

McLaren said although they were disappointed by the ruling there was no suggestion that Hamilton had lied to officials and they would not appeal against the decision.

Jarno Trulli ahead of Lewis Hamilton during the Australian Grand Prix
Jarno Trulli finished the race ahead of Lewis Hamilton

Team principal Martin Whitmarsh said: "As I understand, there is a belief that the team was not explicit enough in the content of the radio communications to the stewards.

"I think it's a regrettable day. It certainly wasn't a deliberate attempt [to mislead the stewards]."

Why the fuss?

The row came after Hamilton and Trulli were battling it out for third and fourth places.

The safety car came out towards the end of the race after a collision between Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica's BMW.

Trulli then overtook Hamilton, which isn't allowed, but he says he had no choice as Hamilton had slowed down so much he thought he had a problem.

Now Trulli's welcomed the FIA's decision, saying: "I am happy because I just wanted some justice, and I am happy I got it."