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Last Updated: Wednesday April 01 2009 04:44 GMT

Adam checks out a school with a plane!

Plane arrives at school

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Fasten your seatbelts! A school in the West of England has decided to teach kids in a plane!

Adam went to investigate.

"I arrived in Stoke-on-Trent in a bit of a panic because I heard that the plane had arrived early and I was worried that I would miss it.

Errr... not a problem. When I got to Kingsland Primary the fuselage of the cargo plane was on a lorry and it was stuck between two houses round the back of the school. Then it put a dent in someone's satellite dish!

The pupils were asked by an organisation called Creative Partnerships what they wanted for their new temporary classroom. Instead of a bog-standard box they decided to get a plane!

So the school bought an old cargo aircraft.

Plan B was to bring it round the front of the building. Easier said than done… and it was done VERY slowly.

Flowerbed demolished!

First the truck got stuck in the mud and had to be dug out with shovels.

Then it knocked over a lamp post - which turned out to be surprisingly bendy.

Watch the plane arrive at high-speed

A flowerbed got demolished when the 20-tonne truck and 4-tonne plane rolled over it.

Then it was time for the plane to be lowered into the playground with a crane.


It was a truly impressive sight and definitely THE most amazing thing I've ever seen happen in any school.

The plane is just an empty shell at the moment. Over the next few months it will be fitted out with laptops and a giant TV screen on the floor - showing videos shot from the air.

The cockpit will even be turned into a recording studio.

The school is going to work with an artist to decorate it and the area nearby is going to be landscaped, with a path that looks like a runway.

It was a bit of a bumpy ride getting it there, but I reckon that lessons in the plane will be first class."