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Last Updated: Tuesday March 31 2009 13:11 GMT

In pictures: Floods in America

Flood water in Dakota

People in North Dakota in America are battling the worst flood waters for more than 100 years. Around 3,500 people have already been evacuated from their homes.

A man uses a bridge to his home in Dakota

But not everyone is choosing to leave. Some people are building barriers around their homes to keep the water out. Which means they need bridges too.

A helicopter rescuing people in Dakota

Some people who chose not to leave have needed rescuing. This helicopter is hoisting a person in North Dakota to safety.

Valley Water Rescue in North Dakota

As well as the amount of water around, the freezing weather is creating problems as well. President Obama has been talking about plans to look after people affected.

A rescue swimmer in Dakota

The government has said it's getting ready to provide shelter for 30,000 people for around a week. If things get really bad, as many as 100,000 people may be homeless.

People filling sandbags

Sandbags are being used to build barriers to keep the flood waters at bay. Many, many people have been racing to fill enough of them to keep homes dry and safe.

Sandbags being transported in Dakota

Just making the sandbags isn't enough though. It's also important to get them to places they need to be.

A sandbag barrier in Dakota

The sandbags are being used to create dams or dykes that will keep the water out as long as it doesn't rise much higher.

People moving sandbags in Dakota

The sandbags are also being used to make much bigger barriers to protect larger parts of towns.

People pumping water

And behind the barriers people are using water pumps to get rid of any water that does leak between the sandbags.