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Last Updated: Wednesday April 01 2009 11:03 GMT

Fooled by Kitten's Got Talent?

A kitten

Did you guess that our story about a search to find the purr-fect felines for reality TV show Kitten's Got Talent was a fake?

Wednesday's April Fools Day, when it's traditional to play jokes on people - and we thought we'd have some fun.

It would be great if you could help your pet win a starring role in its own TV show but we don't know of any plans for a series like this just yet.

The biggest clue to help you realise the story was a joke was our 'expert'.

We told you animal expert Anna Gram wasn't happy about the show, saying it's "a poor silly fad", but that's really an anagram - see what we did there? - of April Fools Day.