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Last Updated: Thursday April 02 2009 07:40 GMT

My dog hears for me

Evie and Gem

Press Packer Evie, seven is deaf and cannot hear noises like fire alarms but her hearing dog Gem is there to help.

Here's her report.

"I have a very special dog who is called Gem. Gem is a Labrador and she is two years old.

Gem is my hearing dog and she lives with me and does lots of things to help me and my Mum and Dad.


I am deaf and I cannot hear when my Mum or Dad wants my attention so Gem comes and fetches me.

Notes from Mum

She also has a purse which my Mum or Dad can write a note to me and Gem will bring it to me and I can write a note back.

Gem also tells me when there is a sound that I cannot hear like the smoke alarm.


Gem sleeps in my bedroom which makes me feel safe. Before I had Gem I was frightened in the dark on my own but now I feel safe and I sleep in my own bed all night.

I love Gem and she loves me and we went to a big dog show called Crufts.

Best friend

We were there because Gem is my best friend and we were in a competition called Friends For Life.

Evie, Gem and the other competitors at Crufts
Evie, Gem and the other competitors at Crufts

I had to walk into a big arena with Gem and my sister Maddy and there were thousands of people watching us.

We didn't win the competition but I was given a very nice trophy which I have taken to school and shown all my friends."

Evie, seven, Derbyshire

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